Founded in 1987 in technology and capital alliance with Japan¡¯s biggest plastic manufacturer, Nippon Pigment Co., Ltd., NPK Co., Ltd. has been providing top-quality products and services, leading Korea¡¯s plastic manufacturing industry.

Following the successful launch of Plant #1 in July of 1987, the company set out to establish Plant #2 in 1990, designed to feature the latest machinery and automated process. These two factories can generate the annual output of 55,000 MT of general-purpose plastic compounds, engineering plastic compounds, and colorful and functional masterbatches, leading in the domestic plastic manufacturing industry.

In 1989, we reached a technology import agreement with NIPPPON PIGMENT Co., Ltd., which is recognized worldwide for its quality, and began to focus on production and quality control by introducing molding technologies suitable for all sorts of materials and products. As well, we established the Color Application Research Center to provide our customers with better products, such as recyclable products, plastic coloring agents, and new types of pigments. In 2007, we launched the Nano Division, which is producing conductive ink, antibacterial agents, nano-metals, and nano-paint in our Pyeongtaek-based plant, and is planning on launching RFID- and USN-related business.

Specializing in plastic and nano-material manufacturing and processing, NPK Co., Ltd. will develop high-quality products, contributing to creating a better and more prosporous future.