Nano Technology Research
Main Duties
  1. Development of ink for electronic and information materials
  2. Development of conductive ink
  3. Development and application of nano-metal solutions
Main Projects
  1. Testing elemental technologies for the high-density printing process
  2. Application and development of conductive ink by printing equipment
  3. Extended application of electronic ink to RFID, displays, and electronic products.
RFID and RTLS Technology Development
Main Duties
  1. RFID & USN
  2. RTLS-based services in U-City
  3. RTLS- and RFID-based U-LBS service
Major Achievements
  1. Building the ZigBee-based user safety management system
  2. Building the wireless cold rolled crane recognition system using RFID
  3. Building the steel location detection system using RFID
  4. Building the RFID steel material management system
  5. Supply of the RFID steel metering system
  6. Supply of rewritable RFID cards for the Air Force
  7. Supply of active rack management systems for telephone offices
  8. Supply of RFID tags for food garbage
Main Projects
  1. LBS-Based U-City Project: Children safety service using RTLS
  2. U-LBS Service: Integration of RFID and RTLS services