Nano-CoIn is the brand name of our conductive nano ink.
High-concentration ink
  - High-concentration ink with 40~90% silver content
- Easy control of print thickness
Low-temperature properties
  - Low-temperature baking below 120
- Baking within a minute
- PET films low in thermal stability can be applied.
Excellent conduction
  - Non-resistance : 3~5x10-6٧
(Varies depending on baking condition and substrate)
Various substrates
  - Paper, PET, PI and glass can be applied
- Development of suitable formulae for different substrates
Images of TEM
Average particle size : 40nm
Electrical Properties
Features Unit Outcome
Baking thickness 1.3
Surface resistance 3.1x10-2
Specific resistance ٧ 3.9x10-6
Non-Resistance Properties
* Baking Temperature Effects: According to the baking time and temperature 2.5~5 *10-6٧
Cross-section after baking
Examples of RFID Applications
Image of SEM
Method NPK Nano ink General paste ink
Cross section
Plane figure
Performance Overview
Method Copper etching Silver-paste printing
NPK silver-nano printing
Thickness () 10.0 5.7 1.5
Surface resistance (m /) 1.7 130 21.9
Specific resistance (ا) 1.7 74.1 3.3
Specific resistance (MHz) 906 898 902
Antenna efficiency (%) 82 44 74
Effective distance ratio (%) 100 73 95
These values may be changed by the antenna design and/or thickness